Our goal at drb Business Interiors is to be the premier commercial furniture dealer and interior design firm in the industry. We have, and will continue to offer excellent design recommendations, awesome furniture, superior customer service and continued support year after year.


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Whether you are building new or remodeling, we offer automotive dealership furniture solutions.  Where image, functionality, durability, and design are most important, we are able to help you achieve your goal. We are also able to offer dealership alternatives to expensive company image programs which could result in a major savings to the dealership owners. Our furniture products are ready for submittal to your brand for image compliance review and approval. We have completed many automotive dealership renovations and would be pleased to help you with your future furniture and design needs.


drb Business Interiors is a proven leader in designing workspace- from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. We bring solutions tailored to your specific business needs. Our solutions range from collaborative work areas to modular storage systems to private offices. We will create the best resolution to make your work space efficient for maximum professional results.


drb Business Interiors is a designated provider for New York State and GSA Contracts, with over fifty lines on state contact. Many manufactures have set themselves up with us as a Women Owned Business. This allows the state agency to receive credit for doing business with a WBE.


Correctly designing and servicing the education industry. Addressing the needs of higher education is of premiere importance to the student, the client as well as the supplier. drb Business Interiors is very aware of this and spends a  lot of time addressing every aspect to insure satisfaction. Higher education is not only a learning institution but a business. With colleges and universities competing for the best students the interiors need to be at the highest functionality and style. drb Business Interiors is able to incorporate the latest design to correspond and change with the technology of today and tomorrow.

  • Resident halls and living communities
  • Dining halls
  • Faculty and administrative areas
  • Entrainment facilities
  • Public lobby space
  • Recreation facilities


A lot of the technology start up’s have been created by the young and young at heart. At drb Business Interiors we like to develop new designs to fit the new working technology crowd. From collaborative working spaces to stand up desks, we will design a space that inspires your creative sense and make you most productive.


Over the last ten years, libraries have changed drastically in terms of use. Libraries have gone from being a warehouse for books to being a more collaborative environment. We have become experts at helping libraries change into modern usable space. From children’s spaces to computer work areas to lounge areas, drb Business Interiors helps libraries do it all and the community it services.

Financial and Legal

Image is a very important tool for attracting and retaining new clients. drb Business Interiors is aware of the discerning tastes involved and will show you how to achieve your goal and stay within the privacy concerns associated with these industries.

Healthcare/Assisted Living

In the constant change of the healthcare world we are known as a solution advisor. We understand and recognize the need for productive, cost efficient facilities that meet government regulations.


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